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Liberate My Olive Tree + Video Freedom For Palestine

Liberate My Olive Tree Sitting besides my olive tree, I ponder in to thought.. Do they not know, Palestine will be free? The holy breeze of my land brushes through my silky hair,… Continue reading

A For Allah-Yusuf Islam@Cat Steven

Cat Steven @ Yusuf Islam more about “A For Allah-Yusuf Islam@Cat Steven“, posted with vodpod

Mu’adz Al-Massar-AMRULLAH (Baitul Muqaddis)

Video Nasyid dari Mu’adz Al-Massar iaitu AMRULLAH (Baitul Muqaddis) more about “Mu’adz Al-Massar-AMRULLAH (Baitul Muq…“, posted with vodpod

Kenapa daging babi itu diharamkan dalam islam ?

Assalamu Alaiyk for Abd-Assalam Al Husni

Video Menarik Dr Hasan Ali