Liberate My Olive Tree + Video Freedom For Palestine

Liberate My Olive Tree

Sitting besides my olive tree, I ponder in to thought..

Do they not know, Palestine will be free?

The holy breeze of my land brushes through my silky hair,
A breeze so different, unique to my land.
Even the air longs to be free,
Cries as the bullet penetrates its surface,
Glides into the lungs of baby Filasteen.

Do they not know, Palestine will be free?

Delivered by God, but buried by man,
Surely no being has the right to take a life,
But only the one who gave you your life.
Baby Filasteen lyes under this olive tree,
But her spirit will resist, until her land is free.

Do they not know, Palestine will be free?

This world that god has created, has been polluted with a sea of man-made deception,
Warfare and bloodshed, the accepted norm,
But asking for peace? Nah, unacceptable,
Rich men with suits, holding luxurious dinner parties,
Acting to represent the world, how could this be?
When a child dies from hunger after every word I speak in this poem.
While they teach you to starve yourself, and live the size zero,
My sisters in the Gaza strip have no choice but to be size zero.

Do they not know, Palestine will be free?

From Deir Yassin, to Sabra and Shatila, to the Gaza strip,
When will they realise that in this bloodshed we will not trip,
In our mission to liberate our land,
When will you realise that they do not want peace,
Occupation serves to cleanse every piece.

The warming breeze wipes my tears, whistling against my olive tree,
My father arrives, sits besides me,
Places his head against the earths rubble,
Dedicates a prayer for his baby Filasteen,
“please God, tell her I love her”,
The words vibrate in my ear, pouring my heart with the love of my father,
I reach out, to hug my father,
I like to think, he can feel my presence as I fall in to his arms..

I, Filasteen, a martyr of this occupation,
Our bodies under the earth, but our souls with the resistance,
Sailing the courage of the Mavi Marmara,
With the ambition of Rachel Corrie,
The heart of Tom Hurndall,
Using the strength of Vittorio Arrigoni,
The innovation of Juliano Mer-Khamis,
Echoing the roar of Tahrir Square,
We are all Palestinian.

Father, mother, wipe your tears,
For I am alive, protecting you from your daily fears,
Every day I feel your warmth as you pray by my side,
Every second my heart blossoms as Filasteen roams your thoughts.

Sitting besides my olive tree,
وأنا أعرف أن فلسطين ستكون حرة
(I know, that Palestine will be free)




22 Julai 2011/ Damanhur/ Egypt